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Vacuum Oil and Grease
ULVOIL Oil for Rotary Vacuum Pumps R4/R7/R80
R7 Vacuum Pump Oil
Petroleum based mineral oils
Item / Model R4 R7 R80
Ulimtate Pressure < 0.4 Pa < 0.4 Pa < 7
Color Light yellow, Transparent Light brown, Transparent
Viscosity Index 108 102 110
Features Low viscosity. For Low temperature startup All-purpose pump Oil High viscosity index. For High temeratures and high loads
Main Application Booster Pump, Small Pumps Medium to large pumps Large pumps for food and packaging
Container 20L , 2.0L 20L , 2.2L 20L , 2.0 L
ULVOIL Oil for Rotary Vacuum Pumps R7000/R7500/R8000
Hydrocarbon based synthetic oil
Item / Model R7000 R7500 R8000
Ulimtate Pressure < 0.7 Pa
Color Light brown,
Brown, Transparent Light brown, Transparent
Viscosity Index 110 115 140
Features Long life, All-purpose pump oil Oil containing dust separating agent High viscosity index
Main Application Active gas pumping, Etching Dust and gas pumping, LPCVD Pumps operating at high temperatures with high loads, Asher
Container 4L
YL VAC Fomblin Oil for Rotary Vacuum Pumps 06/6, 14/6, 25/6
Fluorine based synthetic oil (Fomblin Oil)
Item / Model 06/6 14/6 25/6
Ulimtate Pressure < 0.7 Pa
Color Colorless, Transparent
Features Incombustible, low viscosity Incombustible, medium viscosity Incombustible, high viscosity
Main Application Booster Pump, active gas pumping, high vacuum semiconductor processes Oil rotary vacuum pump Active gas pumping, Dry pump
Container 0.5L (1kg)
Vauum Pump Oil for Small Rotary Vacuum Pumps
SMR-100 SO-M R2
smr-100  so-m R2
Vacuum pump oil SMR-100 is specially manufactured with low viscosity for smooth starting at the cold temperatures. Pump oil should be changed with reasonable frequency. Please use the Vacuum pump oil SO-M with its excellent anti-corrosion characteristics for anti-corrosion pump series GCD. R-2 is suitable for the GHD -031 and GLD-040.
Available Size:
4L , 18L
Available Size:
4L , 18L
Available Size:
4L , 20L
High Vacuum Grease
Molykote Vacuum Grease (Dow Corning)
high vacuum grease 
Available Size: 50 gram
Formally known as "Toray High Vacuum Grease"
Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease HIVAC-G
High Vacuum Sealing Compound (HIVAC-G)
Available Size: 100 gram
Oil for Diffusion Pump
Ulvoil D-11,D-31 Lion A, Lion S
Available Size:
D-11 (1L) / D-31 (0.5L)
Available Size:

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