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Helium Leak Detector
Heliot 901 Series Helium Leak Detector
Item / Model Heliot 901W1
Detectable gas He, H2
Minimum detectable lead rate (He)[Pa.M3/Sec] < 5.0 x 10-13
Leak rate display range [Pa.M3/Sec] He: 0.1 x 10-12 ~ 10-3
H2: 0.1 x 10-8 ~ 10-5
Inlet pumping speed for He [L/Sec] 5
Max. connection pressure [Pa] <1,200 Pa
Main Pump Turbo molecular pump 35 L/sec
Fore Pump Option: Oil Rotary Pump, Dry Scroll Pump
Inlet Port Flange NW25
Input Power Supply [V] 100~120V or 200~240V
Controller Unit 7 inch Tablet Type
Language 6 selectable language: English, Japanese, Korean, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian
Startup time [min] <2
External interface RS232C, RS485, analog DC, digital I/O
Applicable standard CE

User friendly tablet type controller
Simple and intuitive operation screen
Screen 1    Screen 2     Screen 3
Convenient mobile cart design

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